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Secure two-factor authentication app for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch and Mac.

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Trusted, loved, and used by over 7 Million users worldwide!

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Get Authenticator App in Your Browser#

Autofill Two-Factor Authentication codes in your browser

Requires Authenticator App for Mac, version 3.15.0 or later.


A list of current features of Authenticator App

  • No Account Required

    No Account Required

    Easy to set up. You have to remember just one password.

  • Biometric Authentication

    Biometric Authentication

    Unlock Authenticator App without typing your passphrase using Touch or Face ID.

  • Sync & Backup

    Sync & Backup

    All data is automatically backed up and synced across all devices via iCloud.

  • Secure & Private

    Secure & Private

    All data is encrypted even if is stored in iCloud, so you never have to worry about nasty hackers.

  • Intuitive Design

    Intuitive Design

    User-friendly for all Apple devices. Data Sync, Gestures, Widgets, Dark Mode and more!

  • Friendly Support

    Friendly Support

    Got a question? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us at any time.

...and many more features inside!

Users Voice#

Read what users think about Authenticator

App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating Andy4390 · 01/15/2021

Awesome App!

So happy there's finally an autenticator app that syncs and you don't lose your info when you upgrade your phone! There were some initial bugs that I noted when I first downloaded, but the developer fixed them with the next update!

App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating stevenmcbeaven · 02/12/2021

Best 2FA App

It really is the best. My only suggestion would be to add some more icons to choose from. Maybe add some generic ones, or maybe even an option to input a URL to pull an image from.

App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating samonthesun · 12/11/2020

Really good, problems with restoring purchase (FIXED)

Really well designed, nice widgets and features. Only knock on it is that I seem to be having problems restoring the Pro version subscription on my iPad after purchasing it on my iPhone. It just says: “something went wrong, please try again.” If this issue is fixed, it’s a perfect app!

Edit: Problem resolved in the newest update, thanks dev!

App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating RodChristiansen · 04/07/2021

Best 2 factor Auth App for all Apple devices

Extremely well made app with laser targeted feature set for all your 2 factor needs. Love this app. Together with strong passwords from Safari suggestions, I have a robust and secure password system.

App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating TheSnakinKraken · 01/30/2021

Best Authenticator

The sole reason I downloaded this compared to others was for the widgets. Authenticators are a perfect way to use widgets. I just double tap my phone screen, swipe to my widgets page, and there’s my code. Please invest more time into this feature! It’s what sets you apart from the rest and it’s the reason I subscribed! The only downside is that the icons are a little pixelated, and there’s no option for importing your own. Other than that great job!

App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating Sky Drew · 03/16/2021

Absolutely Perfect

This is easily the best the app-based authentecator app out there (yes, including those from Google and Microsoft). It works just as you'd expect on every Apple device. It even has this cool feature where you can scan a QR code on screen on your Mac!

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Why Authenticator App by 2Stable#

2Stable Authenticator App

2Stable Authenticator App

Microsoft Authenticator App

Microsoft Authenticator App

Google Authenticator App

Google Authenticator App

Encrypted Backup

Securely stores your 2FA codes in an encrypted format, allowing safe restoration if you lose or switch devices, ensuring data protection from unauthorized access.

Multi-device support

Allows seamless synchronization of 2FA codes across multiple devices, ensuring accessibility and convenience

Mac support

Provides compatibility with macOS, allowing you to manage and access your 2FA codes directly from your Mac for enhanced convenience and integration across Apple devices

Apple Watch support

Enables you to access and manage your 2FA codes directly from your Apple Watch, providing quick and convenient authentication right from your wrist

iPad support

Manage and access your 2FA codes directly from your iPad, ensuring flexibility and a larger interface for better usability

iPhone support

Manage and access your 2FA codes directly from your iPhone, offering secure and convenient authentication on your primary mobile device

Android support

Available on Android devices, allowing you to manage and access your 2FA codes securely and conveniently on your Android smartphone or tablet

No account required

Use the app without setting up an account or providing a phone number, ensuring simplicity and privacy by saving data directly to your device


Provides home screen widgets for quick and easy access to your 2FA codes without opening the app, enhancing convenience and user experience

Import by URL

Easily import your 2FA accounts by scanning a QR code or entering a URL, simplifying the setup process and quickly integrating your accounts into the app

Import from Google Authenticator App

Seamlessly transfer your 2FA accounts from Google Authenticator App to the new app, ensuring a smooth transition without manually re-adding each account

Import from picture

Easily import your 2FA accounts by scanning QR codes from pictures, streamlining the setup process by capturing codes directly from images

Unlock with Apple Watch

Use your Apple Watch to unlock the app, adding an extra layer of convenience and security for accessing your 2FA codes

Friendly customer service

Offers responsive and helpful customer support to assist with any issues or questions, ensuring a positive user experience

Possibility to share accounts

Allows secure sharing of 2FA accounts with trusted individuals, facilitating collaboration and access management without compromising security

Lock Screen Widget

Provides a widget for the lock screen, allowing quick and convenient access to your 2FA codes without unlocking your device, enhancing usability and efficiency

Browser Extension

Integrates with your web browser to auto-fill 2FA codes, enhancing security and convenience by streamlining the login process on websites

Download Authenticator App by 2Stable#

Trusted, loved and used by over 7 Million users!

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