Reasons to choose Authenticator by 2Stable

Reasons to choose Authenticator by 2Stable

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As our lives and day-to-day functions move increasingly online, keeping our personal information secure is more important than ever.

Passwords can be forgotten or compromised and multi-factor authentication (MFA) or two-factor authentication 2FA helps to prevent private data from getting into the wrong hands. Authenticator app is a perfect solution to manage and generate secure 2FA codes for your online accounts, these are the main reasons why you should choose Authenticator by 2Stable.

No account required

To start using Authenticator by 2Stable you don’t need to set up an account or a phone number, all the data is saved on your iCloud account in encrypted form. To access your data you just need to remember your password that you choose to encrypt your data and your iCloud account.

Encryption you can rely on

All your data is encrypted (end-to-end encryption) and decrypted locally on your device using the derivation from your password, it’s never pass throw 3d party server.

Secure encrypted backup

You can always backup your data and restore it in case you lose your device or switch to a new one. All your backed-up data is saved on your iCloud account in encrypted form. Nobody should ever pass through such a negative experience as losing access to their accounts.


You can set Authenticator by 2Stable to automatically ask you the password or your Face / Touch ID every time you open the app.

Multi-device usage

You can use Authenticator by 2Stable on all devices from the Apple ecosystem including the Apple watch, apart from the security, we try to maximize the user experience by ensuring a native look on all devices.

Backup codes

You can easily & securely store your backup code for your online account in Authenticator by 2Stable, in case something prevents you from accessing the 2FA code, you can always use the backup code stored in Authenticator.


A perfect balance between design and security allows you to access your 2FA codes from your main screen, you have the possibility to set up 1 or 3 account widgets, no matter what type you will choose, they all look gorgeous.

We take privacy very serious on 2Stable

We put our users’ security and privacy first, we don’t have access to the accounts you store or the password you choose to encrypt your data. We do collect a small amount of information about you, the application starts/ends, device locale, device type, CPU architecture, and version of the operating system. but only to provide you with the best possible experience and solve any problems you might have. We’ll never, ever share your information with a third-party company.

Your data is always yours

We hope that you or your team will use Authenticator by 2Stable forever, but we understand that everyone’s circumstances change. If you ever decide to leave, you can always access your account secret key to export it.

We know there are several Authenticator apps to choose from. They all have different names but promise to do the same thing: securely store, manage and generate 2FA codes for your online accounts. You can choose the Authenticator app that best suits your needs, but doesn’t forget to choose one.

  • Published: 14 Apr 2021

  • Modified: 03 Nov 2022

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